Next up in our goal setting how to series: brainstorming!

Some times quitting is a good thing. If you finally find yourself on the wrong path, is it better to continue out of “dedication” or is it wise to stop, turn around, and choose another path?

We see this often, where sticking to the wrong path has led to disaster. Is it a relationship you know you shouldn’t be in? A business decision you know you shouldn’t make? Finishing out a workout program even though you know you’re not getting results?

Goal Setting How To Brainstorm Goals You Actually Want

January 19, 2020 is National Quitter’s Day. In my last post I asked a hard question. Do you really want your New Year’s Resolution? If you came away from that post convinced that you didn’t set the best goal for you, set it too low, or just flat out didn’t set a goal at all, let’s get started down the path of setting a goal for you to achieve.


First we brainstorm. The rules of brainstorming are critical here. Here they are:

  1. Set a timer. Give yourself 5-10 minutes of uninterrupted time. Put on some music as background noise if you like. I prefer instrumental tracks so the lyrics don’t distract me. I distract easily. SQUIRREL!?
  2. Collect a minimum of 15 ideas. Upwards of 20 is better.
  3. DO NOT EDIT. DO NOT JUDGE. Write down every single goal that comes to mind. Don’t cross anything out. Don’t fix spelling mistakes. Don’t NOT write an idea down. If you think of a goal and do not write it down you’ve failed the exercise. None of this, “that’s not possible,” or “I couldn’t do that.” or “that’s dumb.” Do not judge your ideas. Just write them down.
  4. See Rule 3.
  5. Do not stop until the time dings.
  6. See Rule 3 again.

If you do not follow these rules, you will not get the desired result. Especially Rule 3. When you judge your ideas you are placing disastrous limits on yourself. That one idea you judged and decided not to write down might be the one thing you are here on earth for. WRITE IT DOWN!

We cool?

Pick 4 that fire you up the most

Next, pick 4 ideas that really get you excited. I mean, when you ready it you crack a smile to yourself. You get goose bumps. You heart races just a bit (or a lot). They might even feel a bit… dangerous.

Do not pick a goal because it makes sense. Do not pick a goal because it seems the easiest to achieve. So help me, if you pick an easy goal over one that fires you up I will hunt you down.


Finally, chill. That’s right. Chill. We’re going to narrow these down a bit in our next step. But for right now, bask in the glory of those four possibilities. Let the idea marinate and really soak in. You might find over the next day or two some ideas really start to take hold of you if you let them. Or you might find that you’re trying to talk yourself out of one. Take note of both. Both of these feelings are important.