Cleveland's Best Bootcamp

$150 per month

BUILD a Better You!

We are the type of people who believe that anyone can accomplish their health and fitness goals with the right workout, nutrition, and community. However, we realize that most of us either don’t have the “know how” or accountability to ensure we stick to the plan.

So we created Camp Strong Tower to get you the results you deserve!

Looking for a fun, effective, and community driven way to get fit?

Want to fit into those old jeans, lose 10 pounds, or beat Uncle Rico in the alumni football game next year?

Do you work better in community with people who cheer you on and want to see you succeed?


Then try CAMP Strong Tower!


We’ve heard the horror stories. You can only eat weeds or you lose your $500 deposit. That baloney doesn’t fly here. We believe in nutrition that is:

Sustainable – You should be able to continue improving your body composition without drastic highs and lows.

Enjoyable – Who wants to live in a world where you’re not allowed an occasional slice of pizza or cake?

Effective – If it doesn’t work, why do it? We aim to get you the best results as quickly as possible. Consistency and patience are key on this journey.



Wicked smart coaches that actually care about you, a fun group to train with, and a proven model of functional fitness that ANYONE can do. And we mean ANYONE! That’s the secret sauce.

We’ll use body weight, dumbbells, and maybe the barbell (if you’re ready for it) to make up a perfect strength and conditioning workout that will get you fit… FAST!