$150/mo Unlimited

Fit people and strong communities will change the world

And Strong Tower CrossFit intends to be a force for change.

The prescription is simple. Functional movements that you use everyday, and we vary it all so we’re never bored and ready to perform any task the real world throws at us.

Ever pick up a box from the floor? Congrats! You just did a Deadlift! Put that same box on a shelf overhead? You just Cleaned it, and Pressed it, too. Throw in a bit of intensity and you’re almost at CrossFit.

See? It isn’t as tough as you thought.

Step 1

Whether you’re an experienced CrossFit athlete or you’ve never ever done anything like this before and lost a bet and now you have to, just contact us for a free no-sweat intro session. It’s that easy.

Step 2

Based on your current skill level we might do some private coaching first. In a private session we will work on the fundamental movements of CrossFit, focusing on mobility and technique. By the time we’re done you’ll be done confident and ready to go!

Step 3

Jump into group classes! We offer a variety of morning, evening, and weekend times. Plus our membership is simple: unlimited. Come when you like without weekly restrictions.

Step 4

Grow! Grow as an athlete through well coached classes and specialty seminars! Grow as a person with targeted life strategies and mental toughness training. Grow in community in a vibrant group of like-minded people who love to crush tacos, sing karaoke, and support local charities!