Individual Program Design

$197/mo ($60/mo with active CrossFit membership)

Individual Program Design

We understand that group classes aren’t for everyone. But your goals are a little too long term for a few personal training sessions. That’s where Individual Program Design (IPD) shines! IDP is tailored to you personally and can help if you have specific goals, specialized events to prepare for, or want to get back on a fitness track that meets your personal needs. If you are disciplined enough to work out alone, have an hour a day, 3+ times per week or want to focus on specific areas and movements; we will build your IPD to accommodate your schedule.


Assess. Don’t Guess.

We don’t just pull a template off the shelf and cross off the last person’s name and add yours. We start from scratch and assess first. Each program we assign is based off of that assessment. Your needs, your goals, your current fitness all go into the master plan!

The Master Plan

An individualized program is designed specifically for you and your goals. You will receive your weekly IPD from your coach via an app where you will be asked to update your results in real time, including video. Your coach will provide feedback, check in with you regularly to see how the program is working, and to make any adjustments as needed.

Whenever. Wherever.

You have the option of completing your work anywhere you choose. Your IDP membership includes access to STCF if you wish to do your work in our facility during open gym hours. Or you have the flexibility to do the work in your garage or any other place you chose to workout.