A coffee ground. I got a few of those in my first pour this morning. I could see the little bastards floating around in my coffee.

Are you for real right now?

So I spot one close to the side and try to pin it against the cup with my fingertip so I can scoop it out. You know the drill.

And I burn my fingertip.

Try again.

But with a different finger this time.

Say a few non-Christian things.

Get increasingly upset.

Finally, dump out the cup of coffee and pour another cup.

Only to get another coffee ground.

My day is officially off and rolling… to hell.

Isn’t that bizarre how a single, medium-fine coffee ground of the most tantalizing dark roast ever from Philz could derail my day so quickly?

How can a coffee ground have so much power?

Well, it doesn’t.

It only has the power that I give it.

Read that again. Slower.

One more time.

The thing is not my problem.

It’s not the thing or the person that upsets us. It’s how we think about and react to the thing or the person that gives it the power to upset us. Our will can only be hindered when we allow it.

Think about it.

Just seeing that person pisses you off. Hell, you don’t even need to see them. You just see their car and your cursing like a sailor.

You grump around, huff and puff, and spew venom all around just because they’re near you.

And the worst part? They’re as happy as a lark. Completely oblivious to mandatory rage everyone should be feeling.

Congratulations. You’ve just allowed a thing or person to hinder you.

Said thing or person had zero effect on anyone else. Hell, they might even be in better moods because of thing or person.

The only person affected by their presence is you.

In every obstacle we encounter, be it a person, a thing, a place, sickness or injury, a workout, a movement, a holiday, a status… we have a choice.

We can give the obstacle power over us. We can allow the obstacle to hinder our goals and plans.


We can realize that our thoughts about the obstacle are what determine our attitude.

We chose our attitude.


Read that again.