Author: Abbey Collins

Welcome back to our Ultimate Everyday Aldi Grocery List series, in which I share some of my top Aldi-shopping tips and staples for healthy eating and shopping! Today, we’re talking meat.


Meat: Aldi has been expanding its fresh meat section lately, and I find the quality to be very good. They carry several lines of organic and/or grass-fed beef and poultry raised under strict guidelines. Spend some time in this section.

Chicken breast: baked, grilled, pan-roasted, shredded. I cook up a couple of pounds of chicken breast at the beginning of the week to have on hand for lunches and quick dinners. The instant pot gets this done in less than 20 minutes!

Turkey sausage: a great alternative to fattier pork sausage.

Ground turkey/chicken: Change things up and make turkey burgers instead of beef or make these yummy meatballs.