“There is no stinking way,” I thought as I took out the scale.

The end of June was terribly inconsistent. The beginning of July was even worse. Parties, and cookouts with all the food and drink. Business travel. Even my training was off.

There was no way this was going to be a good weigh-in. Frankly, I’d been overjoyed if I stood pat, but braced myself for a regression. Higher body weight. Higher body fat.

All I could think about was the beer, the hot dogs, the Rice Crispy Treats, and the cake. Oh dear heaven, the cake. Mmmmm…

I stepped on the scale. Let out a deep breath and watched as the numbers were crunched.

It felt like watching the Big Wheel on The Price is Right. Where will she stop?

And then the results blinked at me: Down 2.2 pounds. Down 1.7% body fat.

Wait, what? How?

I stepped off the scale. There’s no way. So I turned it off, turned it back on again, and stepped back on the scale.

Down 2.2 pounds. Down 1.7% body fat. Still.

Well, hot damn. I’ll take it!

I strolled on over to my goal board and updated it. Down 5% body fat since May. Only 5% more to go to reach my goal.

I gave myself a quiet little fist pump but went right back to the questions: What? How?

I grabbed my phone and thumbed back through my calendar and confirmed 4 parties and a business trip in the last three and a half weeks. None of which were incredibly disciplined. So, what happened? Did I just get lucky? Was it a “high metabolism”?

Probably not. I’m in my 40’s now. 🙂

Next I looked back over my food logs. A light bulb went off. No, I obviously wasn’t disciplined. No, I certainly wasn’t consistent on a day-to-day basis. Yes, I even had a good number of really bad days including some days where I just didn’t track food at all.

But when I zoomed back and looked at the bigger picture, I saw the difference.

Right after those bad days, I got right back on the train.

I didn’t wait until Monday (absolute worst idea ever, btw). I made a few consecutive good choices and I got right back on.

I tracked my food again.

I got closer to my target macro-nutrients.

I got back in the gym the next day, even if at a scaled effort.

I drank plenty of water.

I ate plenty of fruit and veggies.

I got my protein.

And, most importantly, I didn’t beat myself up. Sure, I acknowledged that I screwed up. But I forgave myself. I allowed myself a little grace (“You’re only human, Brendon”). Even laughed about it. Heck, my wife laughed at me about it, too.

A little grace, a little humor, and a lot of forgiveness. That’s what it took. Then I got right back to it.

Listen friends, life is not linear. There is no straight path from here to there. So, it only makes sense that weight loss or body composition change follows the same hilly route. There will be ups and downs. New heights and new depths. But keep going. This is the correct path. Don’t stop or you’ll miss the next peak.

I’m happy to say that as of this morning I am down 9.6 pounds, down 12.8 pounds of fat, and up 3.2 pounds of lean mass since May. I used to wear 36 inch pants. I just bought a pair of 32 inch jeans. My workouts feel great. My gymnastics are getting easier. And my wife thinks I look better.

Nothing about those results are linear. It was not a straight line from there to here. I made mistakes. I had the cake. I drank the beer. I enjoyed good times with my good time friends.

I just made sure to forgive myself and get right back to it. Yes I had a number of mistakes, some willingly. But when I zoomed out I saw that I was over 80% compliant things made more sense.

Don’t let the 20% take you out of the game altogether. Don’t wait till Monday. Heck, don’t even wait another hour. Start with one positive choice that will move you closer to getting back on the train.

That is where the magic happens. That is where sustainable, lifelong nutrition happens.

So, here you go. As you read this I am giving you another chance to turn it all around. Go ahead and make a choice to get back on that train.

If you’d like help with nutrition, we’d love to talk to you about it. Schedule a FREE nutrition consult with us today. Hey, that would be a good choice to make that would certainly help you get back on that train. 😉